A downloadable game for Windows

I hope you enjoy this mostly-almost-alpha state game!

It was the product of 1.5 weekends and two weeks of after-work... work!
This game was something of a passion-project, being a type of game with the types of mechanics I've been trying and failing to create for something around a decade growing up with games. 

While this game is lacking quite a lot of polish, and has several features not quite finished, and a strange control scheme...

I cannot wait to continue on this game once the game jam is over! (After voting of course :P )

-( Now also with a post-jam update! Check the DevLog for details! )-

Things that are in:

  • Crafting (press the "R" key to find it!)
  • A dynamic inventory, item and recipe system that makes adding more really easy.
  • Theoretically infinite procedurally generated terrain with two "biomes", trees will only grow in the grassy one.
  • Freely diggable terrain that is persistent, and choppable trees that wobble.
  • A full day/night cycle with music to punctuate.
  • The skeleton of a base-building system.

I(I may come back later and polish up this page, but I will only be uploading fundamental fixes if in the case of .exe-breaking bugs until the gamejam judging period is over)


The linux build may, or may not, work. Sadly I didn't have time to test it before running out of time at the end of the game jam, but I've included it here just in case it does work, and helps someone out.

Also included is a 32-bit build of the game for Windows. Same proviso applies. Good luck!

As for assets used:

Music was created using the awesome https://openai.com/blog/musenet/ Musenet AI. Go check it out and have a play, 10/10 recommend creating Music in the style of Bach based off the intro to Harry Potter any day!

The sprites used were largely taken from or edited from the freely available: https://opengameart.org/content/dawnlike-16x16-universal-rogue-like-tileset-v181
Opengameart as a site is a fantastic resource for game-jammers. Do go check it out!

Install instructions

Check out the included "readme-controls.txt" for, you guessed it, the controls.


Sustain-32bit.zip 12 MB
Sustain 64bit 13 MB

Development log


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have downloaded but can't get to run

This seems like it could be a good game, but i was wondering is there only 3 recipes or was i just not getting them all?

Only three for now, so far the game is (ironically) only three weeks of dev, around a full time job...  so it's a little  bare at the moment!