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For my entry to the 2019 JAMCRAFT 4 game-jam I give you:


(This game has now been patched! Behold the mostly fuctional glory!~)

You capsize from your ship as it takes a risky shortcut and warps through "The Old World", leaving you stranded in a shattered remnant of a place.

Your story is about the struggle to survive while awaiting the slim, and possibly non-existent, hope of rescue. Every night you survive you will get updates at dawn from the mind of your capsize-ee on the current situation and objectives... at least until the dread sets in.


Left Click to "mine" a voxel away with an empty slot on the Equipment Bar selected (far right slot will always have no item and can be used for this purpose
Left Click to place a highlighted block item or consume a highlighted food item.

F  to pick up a dropped or "mined" item.

Press R to see the crafting menu and I to see your inventory screen. Drag & Drop to move items around and between the inventory and Equipment Bar

Escape key will pause and unpause the game, and give you the option to save & load your world, or quit.


 - The game hangs for a while on load!
Yep, that's the glorious lag of the game generating the whole little world for you. Just wait a few seconds

 - What's with the frozen lightning?
Time constraints meaning I couldn't add the plot-related storm in on time so it's there because it looks nice.
Still haven't added the storm and story elements like that in this first update, I thought functional requirements like "eating food"... took the cake.

 - Lighting from the sky only updates after a few seconds of pausing the game.
This is now fixed! Amongst other fixes, check the update log!


Stranded Sky 0v2 - Win.zip 11 MB
Stranded Sky 0v2 - Linux.zip 13 MB
Stranded Sky 0v2 - Mac.zip 13 MB

Development log

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