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Out of Depth is a short and light narrative platformer.

You take control of Clio, who with her... unusual friend Tithon are attempting to travel across a bizarre and hostile landscape to reach a far off ancient city in a desperate search for answers.

The game .exe is included in the ZIP, along with a README that features the game's controls in detail and a CREDITS file that I cannot state enough you should check out, because from there you can check out all of the artists from this game and also download the music used straight from the artist Zander Noriega!.

It features:

  • Keyboard + mouse along with almost-full controller/gamepad support.
  • 2D Lighting effects
  • Dialog sequences
  • Bugs
  • And yet more gaming conveniences we take for granted these days!

This game was created as:

  1. My first game!
  2. My first Game Jam entry (for a Game Jam for opengameart.org)
  3. My first use of the (amazing) Godot engine (https://godotengine.org/)

Install instructions

Simply download and extract the ZIP anywhere you please, read the README for game controls and run the "Out of Depth.exe" game executable to play.


Out Of Depth.zip 34 MB

Development log

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