A downloadable game for Windows

My entry into the NOKIA 3310 Game Jam... DUNGEON DIVERS!

Combining all of the 3 features of the original Monster Maze with all of the annoying random encounters of any overland travel in an RPG ever, Dungeon Divers lets you slash, stab, dodge and block against a myriad of (identical slime) monsters as you plumb the depths of a seemingly straightforward dungeon.

Find and step down the staircase on each level to continue into the depths!

Now feature complete, if simple.

Install instructions

Simply download and extract the ZIP, then run "Dungeon Divers.exe"!


Dungeon Divers.zip 11 MB

Development log


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the music is pretty wierd I noticed, is it supposed to be like the nokia 3310 sound chip, whatever that is? Or maybe it's just me ;;

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Yep, I used a sample library of classic Nokia bleeps made available in this Game Jam's discussion, and using that I made the monophonic music for the game as the Nokia 3310 could't play more than one kind of bleep at a time, or at least that was one of the Game Jam restrictions.

While I'm not sure exactly how faithful or not I've been to the Nokia's sound chip sound it was an interesting challenge to make background music with that restriction, and its going to be even more interesting (from a technical standpoint)  to make sure the combat FX don't play over the music either!

Although I can definitely acknowledge my music-making skills themselves can use some work!

interesting, I think I've heard examples of the nokia 3310 playing back samples but that might just be me again? But I guess that puts the sound hardware you're working with here on an atari 2600 level :O 

And I wasn't exactly trying to doubt your skills even though I see it could've been interpreted like that easily, I was just surprised by the music sounding the way it does.


I thought we were going diving, but this dungeon is not even underwater c;

Anyways, nice smooth 3d effect! and screen transition as well ^_^

other than that the there seems to be little going on, but it at least seems like a solid foundation for something bigger

Thanks for checking it out!

Yea a more accurate name would be "Retro Dungeon Screen-Shaders" :P It was going to be "Dungeon Delvers" but I changed my mind at the last minute for... no reason I think. Making an actual water-themed dungeon crawl would actually be pretty lit..

I had to rush out what you've seen to make sure I made the Jam time limit as the Jam was only over a few days. I've nearly finished basic combat however and will be uploading that soon, which will bring this to where I wanted it to be on the end of the Jam. It'll still be a pretty minor game but I'm pretty dang happy with what I've got for just over a week's work! 

I mean it's pretty well done considering the time limit as well! How will the combat work?

Also, underwater dungeon crawl, there's your next game idea c;

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You'll see ;)
But yea it's reaction-based, you have two attacks slash and stab , and the idea is some attacks from you or your enemies can be blocked, others can be dodged.

It's a bit moot at the moment as I only have one enemy made but if you time your blocks correctly you should be able to counter. That sort of thing.

I've made sure that my one enemy actually has a well telegraphed attack...  (well we'll see what people think anyway) or as well as I was able to given the resolution! On the plus side small resolution mixed with monochrome only made actually drawing it a bit easier.

I sort of intended that more difficult enemies would have a wider variety of attacks, that need a different answer from the player, and with attacking, blocking and dodging needing certain amounts of stamina managing that would also be an element, and getting used to the timings of the enemies' attacks (as they also have stamina and need to manage that).

The version I have mostly ready has most of this functionality built in, but with only one enemy with one kind of attack it's not getting used. Keen to make some more enemies to spice it up but animating them will take time. 


animation always takes time ;;

I will try out the game again real quick ^^ then I can tell you what I think


So I had a tiny go at it again and fought a couple of enemies. I have to say I really like the animation and the enemy design! It looks great actually!

It's a pretty easy enemy, you can just spam the attack button and win it seems.  But it's a good start ^^

Yea, I wanted the first enemy to be pretty easy, and once i add in player stamina it'll be harder to just spam to victory xD
But thank you! Super thrilled you like the animation!